The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Switch - Pt-Br Translation 3.0a

Pt-Br translation, 60% translated

  1. Rodrigo Mafra
    Brazilian or not!!!

    We're translating BotW into Brazilian Portuguese.
    All dialogs in main quest are already translated, and we are still translating NPC dialogs.
    Feel free to test and report errors and bugs in the translation (We are only 5, and no time to play and test everything).


    1. LayeredFS;
    2. Switch in the American or European regions.

    The zip contains a folder for each current CFW:

    • Put the sxos folder in the root of the sd card, if you use sxos;
    • Put the reinx folder in the root of the sd card if you use ReiNX;
    • Put the atmosphere folder in the root of the sd card if you use any Atmosphère based CFW.
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Recent Reviews

  1. oufai
    Version: 3.0a
    Request please can I take this files and translate this into my Language Arabic ?
    and is there is other programs used to make this files (.pack) ? I am using window OS ?
    I hope if I find help I will be appreciate
  2. gaicz5
    Version: 3.0a
    So helpful for brazilians players who don't have an official translate
    1. Rodrigo Mafra
  3. GibaBR
    Version: 3.0a
    Show de bola, pessoal!
    Very nice guys!