A few Tricks on the PS Vita

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    EDIT: I wanted to post this on some other forum, accidentally posted here xP

    I'm surprised these haven't been posted yet. But hey.

    - Accessing the Quick Settings window:

    You can access the Quick Settings window anytime by pressing and holding the PS Button. This can be done any time, even when you're playing a game.

    - Muting the Sound:

    You can mute your PlayStation Vita's sound by holding both the + and - volume buttons for a second or two.

    - Save Pictures on your System:

    Did you know you can download images from your browser on your Vita? To do that, just go to the link where the image is located, tap and hold on the image until a pop up comes in. Tap the Save IMage option and you're good to go.

    - Access the Debug Menu:

    This is useful if you get the Blue Light of Death or something along those lines. Hold the Power button for 30 seconds, and wait for a window to pop up. From here, you can choose the desired option that you find suitable to fix your PS Vita if there's an error or something. Do remember though, you can't use the touch screen in the debug menu.

    - Game Manual:

    There's a Game Manual right inside your PlayStation Vita system for the game you buy, if you don't have a handbook for the game. To access it, go to the start page of the game and tap the book with a question mark.

    - Take Screenshots(This has been posted in another thread, but I thought this should also be included here):

    Press the PS Button and the Start button at the same time to take a screenshot, at any point of time. :)
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    Correction it's not called debug menu but recovery menu :) nice tips by the way.
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    I found out that if you're on, say, the top page and you swipe to move downward but don't let go for a second or two it'll pan through all the pages to the end. That's probably outlined in the users manual somewhere...

    EDIT: Turns out this also works for scrolling left/right when you have multiple games/apps open.
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    When in the web browser Press [] (square), and you get a cursors
    move with left stick press
    X for left click
    /\ for right click
    right stick zooms
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    I didn't know that quick mute one. Very handy thanks!
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    Mar 30, 2014
    you should tell on which firmware it works,because in early fw some doesn't...
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    i didn't know about the mute one thanks
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    I didn't know about the debug one. That could come in handy tnx