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    Jul 30, 2010
    how to translate some psp games (does not show you how to translate every word, it's just the basics)
    This tutorial takes kh bbs as example,you can use this tut for other games, but keep in mind that something may change, and it will most likely happen... Translating a game requires a lot of patience and time.
    Here's the tutorial:
    Don't worry, it isn't very difficult to translate games.
    You only have to keep in mind some rules. Birth by Sleep is an uncompressed game, so translating it is easy.
    You don't need to know japanese, because you can find on youtube the translated videos by strwmilk for bb/bbs fms. but of course for most games you need japanese knowledge, you can use websites or my japanese coach for ds to learn it.
    You have to download an hex editor, in this case, I recommend you the Madedit one.
    It lets you see Japanese Fonts, you have to go to Characters Encoding and select Windows Japanese. Make sure you can see japanese fonts on your pc. After that you can go here : and copy and paste the jap characters that you see in the japanese video of the game. Let's start with the second part...

    The translation itself:

    Start Madedit and open the BBS0.dat( Extract it from the ISO, using Winrar )
    If you were able to open that file, then, click on the Search function, and paste the jap characters by pressing ctrl+v .
    It will take a lot of time to find the words and don't worry if the program won't answer to your commands.
    When it will find the sentence that you were looking for, you have to keep in mind these few rules:

    The program is divided in three tables,
    the first one, on the left, contains the "offsets", the second one contains hex values, such as 00 and 0A( I mention these ones, cause they are the most important) and the third one contains text. You only have to pay attention to the second and third one.

    I will now explain to you, the functions of 00 and 0A...
    00 is a null value, it's extremely important, cause you CAN'T overwrite or delete them. They mark the beginning and the ending of the sentence.
    0A lets you go to next line, you can move them as you wish, but keep in mind that you can't move it a lot from where it was originally.

    Another important thing is that you MUSTN'T PRESS DELETE WHEN YOU'RE USING THE HEX EDITOR, if you press it, you'll damage its structure by messing all the pointers out.

    If you have any other doubt, just ask me. When I'll have free time, I'll be pleased to help you.


    this tutorial doesn't tell you how to translate all of the game
    ps:it only tells you the basics
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    Jul 30, 2010
    guide updated
    what do you recommend to do?
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    Thanks for the guide, I found it quite helpful. I do have something I'm hoping you can help with though. I am translating a game and have been able to find and translate all of the menu text just fine, but I can't find any text from the actual game script. I'm just wondering if you have any ideas about how I might go about trying to locate the script text. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. If not, no biggie; just figured asking couldn't hurt.
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    Thanks for the guide. just wondering if you can't delete the Japanese text how do you replace it with English?
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    Jul 24, 2012
    For Testing Purposes use a Emulator or a Good PSP (i would think Emulators are best for testing due no need transferring files on psp then test it) this for hackers(who changing files to japanese to english)

    For games doesnt have English version or not-released on US

    for Translators[a guy who translating japanese story/items/descriptions/npc talks and other thing to english]

    1. using a emulator is a must than using a psp due(it has ability to save state where you(forgot a letter(hiragana) then load it) stuck to translate)
    2. Make a Game Script complete(story/items and etc.) from the game(Write all things on the Word alike that have japanese fonts or a paper) could make easy translate
    3. You need a Proofreader or Editor(to check your translation errors) if you have doubts

    PS: always check the game compatibility first before making a project for translation on emulator(just check on their forums)

    just adding things(to give more ideas)
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    Where can i download mededit