Beginner's Guide To The EZ-Flash 3in1

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    A Beginner's Guide To The​
    EZ-Flash 3in1
    The EZ-Flash 3in1 is a slot 2 expansion pack originally made as a sidekick to the EZ-Flash V for use on the Nintendo DS lite, but with the release of the source code other flash cart can use this awesome slot 2 expansion. It's called 3in1 because it has GBA, RAM, and RUMBLE.
    This is a beginner's guide aimed at those who are new to the EZ Flash 3in1.

    What you need to get started

    SET UP

    1. Download GBAExploader and extract/unzip it to your computer.


    2. Copy and paste these 2 files to the root of your microSD memory card.
    GBA_Exploader.nds and GBA_Exploader.ini


    3. Create a folders in the root of your microSD memory card and name it “GBA”.
    GBAExploader will generate these two files (GBA_SAVE & GBA_SIGN) the first time you start up GBA_Exploader.nds


    4. Copy and paste your (unpatched) GBA games into the “GBA” folder
    Each time you run a game GBAExploader it will automatically patch it for you.

    5. Launch GBA_Exploader.nds, pick your game and enjoy.

    Flash cart that does not need GBAExploader

    There are a few flash cart that can play GBA games without the need for programs like GBAExploader, but you will still need the EZ-Flash 3in1 or similar slot2 cartridge.
    Here's a few of them:
    • Acekard 2i with AKAIO
    • WOOD R4
    • cycloDS iEvolution
    • M3
    • iEdge
    • EZ Flash Vi
    • iSmart Premuim

    Using the EZ Flash 3in1 with these flash cart are pretty easy. Here's a few quick mini guide.
    WOOD R4

    cycloDS & cycloDS iEvolution

    EZ-Flash Vi


    iSmart Premium

    I will add a few more at a later time.

    Helpful Tips & Random Stuff

    Everything is stored in your microSD memory card of your slot 1 cartridge, except for games that are written to NOR.

    There is 3 mode, PSRAM, NOR, and EXPANSION.
    • PSRAM Mode
      Most games (16mb or less) should be run from PSRAM.
      PSRAM is temporary memory, from which the game will disappear after powering off
    • NOR Mode
      For some games (32mb) you’ll have to write them to NOR before you can play them. A few example is Kingdom hearts and Mother 3.
      NOR is semi-permanent memory which will allow your EZ-Flash 3in1 to mimic a real GBA cartridge.
    • EXPANSION Mode
      Here, you can adjust rumble level and stuff. When you’re done it’ll soft reset back to to your slot 1
    GBATA is a gba rom tool with the functions below.
    1. Header Viewer
    2. Intro Remover
    3. Overdump Fixer
    4. fix header
    5. Intro Drawer
    6. IPS Patcher
    7. SRAM Patcher
    8. Rom Trimmer
    9. Reboot/Sleep mode
    10. Clock fix for Pokemon sapphire & ruby.

    Get it here:

    I’ll like to thank PharaohVizier for his help.​

    This tutorial was made possible thanks to​
    Buy your EZ-Flash 3in1 here​
    They have great prices, fast delivery and great (english speaking) customer service.​

    Change log
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    thanks mate, that's a solid guide you got here.
    makes me want to buy one to relive the good old GBA days [​IMG]
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    Awesome tut. Might be worth noting that you can use a DS Phat with the Phat version of the EZ-Flash 3in1 as well. In fact, I purchased mine from [​IMG]
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    might as well mention the 3in1+ nds backup tool, that can be used to dump roms and savs from retail carts and also load savs to retail carts, simpler to use then the wifi nds backup tool
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    Well,thanks for your detail summary,it is helpful.
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    May 31, 2012
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    nice guide! i have a ds lite and currently no flashcarts of any kimd. i want to get a 3in1 because of its versatility. what is the best slot1 card (that is also easy to order and not very expensice) to use with this device?
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    nice guide.
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    Good guide,

    My two sons have these and one is working perfectly but one isn't. When I try one with an r4 card it says please apply appropriate dldi patch but when i switch the 3 in 1 expansion pack it works then. I guess what I'm asking is are there different versions of these packs that work differently. I have applied a patch to the exploader.nds file using didl right click patcher( not sure if i did it right but it said patched successful)

  11. Retro_Mod_Gamer

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    The R4 DS is your best bet for a simple DS Lite. It's cheap and natively flashes the 3in1 without the need of expLoader! It's working great for me.

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    Is your firmware and WOOD updated?
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    I'm having some issues here. I'm using the R4i Gold with the 3-in-1. I can launch and play my games just fine, but I can't make/load saves correctly. I can see the *.gba.sav files, but in game it always starts me from the beginning and doesn't load the save. I'm not sure why..

    EDIT: I'm not using exploader. This is just launching with wood 4.
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    GBA ExpLoader does not show the expansion option. I have the third hardware revision with a green pcb.

    My flashcart (DSTwo+ w/ bagplug) is automatically patching the DS browser to use the 3in1, but not rumble. I can confirm rumble works (automatically) if I use my r4i, but the dstwo is so much better.
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    I have dstwo(regular) with 3in1 too, and in patches automaticly(in metroid), but i can't regulate rumble power though.
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    This was a very helpful thread, but I recently replaced my micro SD card, and now I can't seem to load GBA games.
    I'm using an R4 Revolution and EZ Flash V 3 in 1 on a DS Lite.
    I've installed Wood v1.62, and my NDS roms work just fine. I've even been able to run lameboy for GB/GBC roms.
    However, whenever I try to run a GBA rom, I tend to get a "game pak error" message, basically telling me that the save files are corrupt. For the few games that do run, I can't actually save the games. I feel like I'm missing something that I did the first time around... I used to be able to run GBA roms on this setup with no problems. Does anyone have any insight on this? I've even tried running the GBAExpLoader, but I get the same errors.

    If it helps, this is how my card is laid out:
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    Desperation bump////
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    I think the battery in your ez flash died, you'll have to replace it