Dual Vita tricks | Game transfer to older FW vita, account sharing

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    This is a tutorial on how to transfer games to an older FW vita (eliminating the need for a PS3, although this method is slightly more a hassle), as well as game share on two Vitas at once.

    Here is what you require:
    • A Vita on latest firmware (use a friend's if you don't own one) - will be referred as "LFV", latest firmware vita
    • A Vita on desired firmware - will be referred as "EFV", exploitable firmware vita (you can also just use another vita on latest firmware if you just intend to account share; note that you do NOT need to have the Vita in your physical possession: all these tricks can be done by someone else who owns the EFV, as all you're going to transfer is tailored games. In the case that you're doing this remotely, when getting your game backup, be sure to place it in the appropriate CMA folder in your PC)
    • QCMA
    • PS3 if the EFV is not activated
    • An USB cable
    • Either one or two memory cards (this will be easier with two.) For the purposes of this guide, the Vita's internal storage is referred as a memory card.
    Game transfer
    This abuses the fact that game backups are not Vita restricted to transfer without using a PS3.

    LFV => EFV

    IF YOUR EFV IS NOT ACTIVATED BEFOREHAND, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY TRANSFERED GAMES USING THIS METHOD (but still dump them.) Transfer a PS3 game after step 6. You only have to do this once per account.
    1. If the memory card is on the LFV, make a full backup of the Vita first. This can be done by using QCMA and choosing 'Backup' on the Vita side. [This is only needed if you are for example using a friend's Vita and need to restore his system after. Otherwise, skip this step.]
    2. Format the LFV and memcard and go through first time setup. When prompted for your PSN account, enter your account creds. This will link the account to the Vita.
    3. Buy the desired game and download it onto the LFV.
    4. Use QCMA to make a backup of the game to your computer.
    5. Pull out the memory card and use it on your EFV. It will prompt you to update; avoid doing so. [If you have two memory cards and the account already activated on the EFV, go straight to step 7. (Your accounts will also be linked; see below) If you already activated your account from a previous PS3 transfer/VUB use, go to step 7.]
    6. Format the EFV and memcard and go through first time setup. When prompted for your PSN account, enter your account creds. If your account is not activated, you will need to activate it: see above.
    7. In QCMA, go into "Settings", then "Others", enable "Offline Mode", "CMA protocol selection" to manual, and "CMA protocol version" to the EFV's firmware.
    8. Connect your EFV via USB and transfer the game.
    If you want to redo this procedure for other games, do step 3-4, skip steps 5-7 and do step 8 for all games. Alternatively, transfer them all at once.

    Restoring LFV

    This assumes you are using a friend's Vita and want to restore his account after. You will need his PSN creds to restore his account. If you can't get his creds, you can instead send him the backup and give him back the Vita, as backups are transferrable between computers.
    1. Format the LFV and memcard and go through first time setup. When prompted for the PSN account, enter the account creds. This will link the account to the Vita.
    2. Use QCMA to transfer back the backup. To do so, on the CMA (vita-side) use "Restore" and choose the previously made backup.
    Account sharing
    To account share, format the systems that currently are not linked to the PSN account you want, and link it to that same PSN account on first time setup.

    A side effect of using the game transfer method above is that if both Vitas have a memcard, the account will be shared.
    Account sharing means being able to use the same games on both Vitas, from the same account. Here's the catch - both Vitas have to have the account activated, and can not play online at the same time; you can only share an account for up to two Vitas as well.
    If one/both vitas are not on latest firmware, you can still account share, but you will not be able to play the games if the accounts are not activated (more on activating accounts under the LFV => EFV section above.) You will also obviously not be able to use games not on your firmware.

    Most notably, you will not be able to use all games that were used prior to sharing if they are not on the shared account.
    To transfer content between shared Vitas with one being an EFV, use the tutorial above.
    If you want to unlink the Vitas and restore prior content follow 'Restoring LFV' for each Vita that you want to restore prior backups to.
    If you want to link with a different account, reformat each desired Vita with the desired account. Make sure to activate them if they are EFV.
    You can not link more than three Vitas.
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    So I tried the transfer from higher Vita on 3.55 and then restore to 3.01. But it failed at the end with QCMA with a error. Does this still work?

    Basically loss access to my PS3 as it doesn't boot so wanting to get my games on 3.01
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    What error code?