How do I update emunand past 9.2 with out going over one thats blocked?

Discussion in '3DS - Tutorials' started by Heebivore, Apr 25, 2015.

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    How do I update emunand past 9.2 with out going over one thats blocked by nintendo. The last time i tried i got a blackscreen and had to reformat my sd.
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    Or here. if you are looking to achieve a more specific end result. Some people have got 3DNUS to work though I've always gotten a failure of some sort when I try it.

    There is also the trick of updating your firmware through a .3ds rom if you've got a gateway. I'm assuming you're on the new 3ds since gateway already supports the latest firmware for the o3ds. I did this yesterday, and chose the rom route since 3dnus was acting up and 9.4 is really all I need to play the latest games/updates. find a legit untrimmed rom of xenoblade chronicles, put it on your gateway red(WON'T WORK WITH CIA VERSION). Boot into the gateway menu, hold up on the dpad and launch gateway mode EMUNAND. Holding up while hitting the gateway mode button does some magic that I don't fully understand. Hit select, select xenoblade rom, open it. It will prompt you to update to 9.4 IF you are currently not getting the update nag and already have a eshop firmware downloaded on your system. If you've got the nag at launch, I'm not sure if it will update using the roms update or the downloaded system update. Make sure you're not using a trimmed version of the rom but a full rom. Good luck, this was a pain for me too.