How to back-up games

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  1. Zolw

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    Nov 12, 2014
    Hi! I've been wondering for a while how to make back-ups of my games as I constantly lose the cards. I have a DSi XL version 1.4.5A and I'm completely new to this. I've seen you need to have some sort of flash cart and I read the DS/DSi/3DS "hacking" F.A.Q. & Which Flash Cart Should I Get? tutorials but I'm still a bit confused. Thanks! ^_^

    EDIT: Also sorry if this is in the wrong section :unsure:
  2. Arithmatics

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    Jan 29, 2009
    You need a DS Phat or a DS Lite because Dsi/3ds aren't supported by what we have.

    Even then I have a feeling the wifi method based on the stickied topic regarding how to backup your games/saves:

    Won't work anymore because nintendo wifi connection has been discontinued for ds and wii.

    So I recommend just going the hardware route if you absolutely cannot buy a ds phat/lite or just going the slot 2 route if you can buy the required items.