How to get from 1.0 to 5.1 layeredFS with no burnt fuse.

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    Jun 16, 2018
    Ok see thought I'll do a more easier to access tutorial with links on a single page rather than scattered information. I learnt all this from my past week on getting my switch to the state it is currently in.

    So this is a quick summary on what you'll achieve here :

    Getting from switch 1.0-3.0 to install fake news without puyo puyo tetris.
    From there you can either run SX OS or just play with limited homebrew applications but you can cold boot into RCM mode tetherless via a virtual Pegaswitch server.
    Next will be upgrading the older untouched fuse switch to a official firmware without burning the fuses.
    From there you can then run a wider variety of homebrew apps that actually work.
    Lastly comes LayeredFS support so allow you to play backup roms via the 5.1 firmware that LFS is supported on.

    I won't be writing the tutorials as links are already here just be easier if its in one place which
    Just putting the information in one place.

    Phase 1 Getting into the switch with no PPT and using a existing save game disabling any checks nintendo does to see who that save file belongs to
    The only trouble you might have is when generating your keys file
    Which a few users got this result, that is NOT what it should look like.
    Deriving keys...
    All derivable keys (using loaded sources):
    secure_boot_key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    tsec_key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    encrypted_keyblob_00 =

    should look like this
    secure_boot_key = 8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    tsec_key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    keyblob_mac_key_source = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    keyblob_key_source_00 = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I have not found the solution to this so I got someone on gbatemp to generate me the proper working keys.

    Phase 2 Pegaswitch server and fake news installer
    The only problem I got was mainly getting all the dependencies required easy solution is find the thread which someone has uploaded a prebuilt VM machine ready to deploy but the version of pegaswitch is lacking the installfakenews script. Just rename the existing pegaswitch dir to pegaswitchold. Continue with cloning the pegaswitch updated GIT and proceed as normal most dependencies should work and NPM install.
    You might end up with some DNS issues that can be fixed with a tempoary DNS server on your main machine to redirect it to the Virtual Pegaswitch server

    Phase 3 Unburnt fuses with official Firmware
    That worked perfectly fine shouldn't encounter any issues maybe just some files and directories are not exactly the same as guide such as the Safe partition but its perfectly fine to carry on.
    Also best to obtain the official switch update version you want to update using XBINS, MIRC FTP using WinSCP for file transfer. Not going into details how to obtain that but google is your friend.

    Phase 4
    You can now run your homebrew using the hetake ipl . ini files make sure that the first Stock firmware is ran before you attempt to run any other different modes.
    Make sure you get the latest plugin SDfiles 2.6 and the latest IPL to inject because if you try to run a kernal even patched one it'll just freeze and fail.
    Best look for IPL.bin which supports that fuseepatch=1 command.
    looks something like this the brackets inside are pretty much self explanatory
    [stock ]
    [FS_510 Stock OFW ]
    [FS_510 with homebrew]
    [FS_510 with Fusee and LayerdFS]

    For backing up, modifying backups and playing backups these might help and of course google is your friend.
    Please keep in mind people who say donor titles working with XX game etc do not rely on that I had to go through like 5-6 different game before I could actually verify that LFS was indeed working. Since a lot of the times you'll encounter black screen or a error message saying to hold down power for 12 seconds.
    Please like if you found this useful.
    And of course credit is due to all the devs working on this on each of the links provided simply too many of them to mention one by one.
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    May 18, 2018
    This is a complete mess and I can't think of a single person this might be useful for except yourself if it's your diary. Might as well put "just Google it" in the content which you actually did. Waste of time, do things properly or not at all.
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    Jun 16, 2018
    If the mods think its a complete mess they can happily take it down or if I have more users saying its not useful and a mess I can remove it and quote removed due to fanapathy
    Put it this way if its requirement from a user going from 1.0 all the way to LFS the troubleshooting tips alone here will save them hours on end.

    Everyone is bloody complaining all guides are a mess and I tried to combine some information to help out and you call it a piece of mess?

    How's about contributing something useful ?
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    Feb 15, 2017
    3.0 can cold boot into RCM mode tetherless via virtual pegaswitch server?
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    May 18, 2018
    It's contributing to people wasting their time, if that's what you were going for - good job - you'd get a lot of thanks. If you want me to contribute something useful, again, google is your friend.
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    Jun 16, 2018
    I don't need this shit from you, this forum is populated with roughly these kind of people
    20% Supporting, developing, reviewing and contributing.
    30% Guests just browsing
    30% Members that read guides and wants to help out
    10% Vendors and others either promoting their products or sabotaging others
    5% will be the shareholders, stakeholders and moderators.
    5% People who just leeched and expect things for thing, makes this whole homebrew community seem like we just want developers to suffer and lose money from all their hard earned work.

    Them are people who just want straight up url on how to pirate games and steal other peoples hard earned work, whilst criticism or scrutinising people who do stuff nothing just expecting a thank you and please support the developers.
    Them people's activity history just makes comment on LayeredFS topic.
    Them people just complain about free tutorials
    Them people with 1/8th of a brain should just buy SX OS

    I hate the bottom 5% and you my friend not sure where you fit in ;)
    MODs feel free to delete my tutorial.
    If I get another complaint I will delete it myself.
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    Only 5%? There's a hell of a lot more than 5% in the leech category
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    Leech, complain, selfish and rude etc you catch my drift.
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    The problem as he sees it is that you're making people waste their time by posting an inadequate tutorial, there's nothing to be grateful about if you spend hours accomplishing nothing but getting frustrated and I think you know that.
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    Threads like these remind me how awful the community on this website is

    Give me a backup loader so I never have to come back to this shit hole again
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    if you look all the people being "awful" are newer members with less than 500 messages
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