How to play project m 3.0 on usb flash drive or hard drive

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    • you will need a "2gb sd card or less" it cant be higher then a 2gb.
    • a 8gb flash drive or higher or an external or portable hard drive (any that the wii or wii-u can support).
    If you know how to put ssbb on your hard drive then "skip" to number 9

    Step 1)download utorrent click on top of "utorrent free". :

    Step 2)download a ssbb iso

    step 3)download wii backup manager :

    Step 4)open up wiibackup manager with either 32 or 64 on "drive 1" on the top right side of wii backup manager then select your hard drive that u want ssbb to be in..

    step 5)on top right click on the "files tab" "add" then click "files" in the bottom of the "files tab" then search for your ssbb wbfs file then click it ...when you click on the ssbb file click "open".

    step 6)after that check the little box thats on the left side of ssbb it should look like this ...[​IMG] after that click on "transfer" which is below the tabs then click "drive 1".

    Step 7)after that u can delete wiibackup manager if you want or just close it

    Step 8)download project m 3.0 then put it on your sd card directory which is sd: dont put it in any foldor just leave it in your sd card... if it ask you to replace them just click "yes to all" or "yes"

    Step 9) now connect your "harddrive" to your wii and "sd card" to your wii... then you open up "usb loader gx" when you click on ssbb go to "settings" then click on "game load". Next, scroll down until you see "ocarina" click it until you see it say "on" go back and then "play" ssbb.

    Step 10) Have fun playing the game bro i hope you like it , but contain the hype :D
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    Serious question (somewhat related):

    Is it possible to play Project M using Dolphin?


    Is it possible to create a "pre-modded" .iso image of Project M and place that on an external HDD? That way, you could have both vanilla and Project M Brawl show up in USB Loader GX (other loaders are available) and not have to mess with an SD card.
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    are you sure that's a serious question PityOnU and idk how to operate dolphin only the real Wii's

    but yes it is possible
  4. Arras

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    There's a SSBB mod ISO builder thread somewhere on the temp where someone posted a .bat file that can create a pre-built Project M ISO using the mod files and a vanilla ISO.
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    I don't have an flash drive or an external. Do you think this will work with an micro SD HC 16GB using my cell phone and an usb cord?