Poundland UK triwing screw bit mini review.

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    Saw poundland UK had a triwing bit in their £1 set of precision/security screwdriver bits pictured below (it is a grenade shaped affair). Though I have no need of another cheapo screw driver bit set it is rare I see such things in the real world so I thought I would flex the old GBAtemp staff expenses account, now the mini review.


    Bits are mostly as you would expect (maybe not as nice as some Chinese multi bit sets, the included driver certainly isn't, no markings on the bits) but will do for the sorts of things they usually get thrown at. Said bits fitted fine in the lidl set and another set, as well as the Big Clive style pencil holder poundland does from time to time, and could be turned fairly hard with the bit in a vice. Triwing (only the one) is the fatter variety, not sure how good a candidate for a touch on the bench grinder it would be.


    Worked in GBC. No GBP or original tank GB to test with right now.
    Worked in GBA
    Worked in GBA cart
    GB, GBC and N64 carts use inverse star thing. As does N64 and NES hardware.
    Failed in GBA SP
    Failed in DS lite.
    No GBM to test with.
    My DS was changed to philips during http://kylie.org/threads/ds-original-phat-replacement-case-review-56k-no.364632/ and not sure where my secondary is. Screws were similar size to the SP and DS lite though so not expecting much here.
    Worked in gamecube controller.
    Too fat for official GC memory card.
    Wiimote is philips for some but one had triwing. Took a bit of persuading to prevent cam out but got there in the end without chewing up the screw..
    Failed in Wii nunchuck (too far down to do good)
    Bit itself too fat for two of the classic controller screw holes (this is why we have dedicated screwdrivers), worked on the others on the thing. Possibly a better candidate for a touch on the bench grinder.
    Might be persuaded to work in the wiimote steering wheel attachment but not good.
    N64 and NES controllers, nes zapper and such are philips.
    No SNES stuff to test with here. No Wii hardware, DSi, 3ds family, Wii U anything or Switch stuff to look at here either.
    That is the limit of my nintendo collection where I am at.

    So yeah GBC, original GBA, GBA carts and gamecube controllers will fall to this, as will wiimotes and some aspects of wiimote attachments.

    So won't replace a proper triwing or triwing set but could be useful for some. Play it as you will.