PS3 firmware 4.84 released

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    Seems like Sony doesn't want to leave their past-gen console alone just yet: a new system update has just been released, version 4.84. According to esc0rtdew the changes should be very few, unlike previous updates like 4.83 which broke the renowned homebrew enabler ps3Xploit. The various officially included emulators used for retrocompatibility appear to have been updated, however no patches to the Webkit browser engine have been found - plus it's also been confirmed that StoreHaxx, the PSID dumping tool made by the same team as the aforementioned homebrew enabler, still works with this latest update.

    At the time of writing Sony's website still lists 4.83 as the latest available firmware, so no official release notes or changelogs are available. While things don't appear drastic for exploits so far, you should not update if your console is running firmware 4.82 or below, otherwise you will lose access to ps3Xploit and potentially other CFW-enabling and/or downgrade methods. Otherwise, if you are on 4.83, so far it looks like no harm will be done, however it may be good to wait for more confirmation.

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