PSP 2000 Disassembly Guide

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    PSP 2000 Disassembly Guide

    This guide will show you how to fully disassemble your PSP 2000.
    The only tools needed are small screwdrivers (philips/flat head).

    1. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      The PSP has two screws on the top, and one on the bottom, remove them.

    2. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Flip the PSP over, take off the battery cover and remove the battery (and warranty sticker), and remove the four screws on the back.

    3. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      You should now be able to pull the faceplate (front) of the PSP shell off.

    4. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      The home bar is kinda' weakly-clipped to the bottom of the screen, you should be able to just pull it off by rotating it towards you a bit, but you may need to pry one of the side grips.

    5. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      We need to pop the screen out now. You can see here there's a little metal protrusion keeping the screen in. Pry gently between the screen and that plastic part to pop that piece out.

    6. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      The screen should wiggle out easily after that, but be careful because it's still connected.

    7. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Remove this metal piece, it's held down by the piece of black tape-stuff at it's bottom-right.

    8. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      The next job is to unhook these three ribbon cables, starting with the right one. For the two on the right you simply lift the little plastic flap up (rotating away from you) and pull the cable out.

    9. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Once the right one (home bar) is unhooked, set it aside.

    10. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Unhook the middle ribbon cable.

    11. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      For the left ribbon cable the plastic bar is on the opposite side, unhook it as well, and set the screen aside.

    12. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Unscrew these two screws for the shoulder button guards.

    13. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Pull off the guards and remove the shoulder buttons.

    14. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Take this little brown rubber protector for the right speaker and set it aside.

    15. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Now it's time to remove another section of the PSP. Start by removing this screw and unhooking this ribbon cable.

    16. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      The sensor for the L trigger is connected to this section so you'll need to peel it off of the PSP, it's sticky-backed.

    17. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Pull the Memory Stick door all the way open, and you should be able to simply lift this section of the PSP off. Set it aside.

    18. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      To remove the right speaker, move the bottom clip to the left a bit, and rotate the speaker counter-clockwise.

    19. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      It's time to remove the charger port and power board. Unscrew the two screws, and simply pull the plug in the upper-left of the image down to pull it out.

    20. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Remove the charging port, and then unhook this ribbon cable. Like before you'll need to peel off the shoulder trigger sensor.

    21. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      This entire pad is sticky, peel it off and set it aside.

    22. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      back on the motherboard, unhook these two cables (UMD drive).

    23. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      You'll also need to pop the WiFi antenna off, just pull it straight up from the board.

    24. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      There's a metal bar at the top that supports the screen, pull it out.

    25. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      In the bottom-left, unscrew the analog stick.

    26. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Slide it out, and be careful about the conductor pad on the right! It may fall out of it's little slot, so be careful.

    27. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Now you should be able to remove the motherboard by rotating it slowly upwards (since it's connected to the charging port) stuck into the case).

    28. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      You'll find another metal shield, just take it out and try to remember it's orientation for putting the PSP back together...

    29. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Unscrew the output board and pull it out.

    30. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      In the bottom of the shell, find the spring, we need to remove it... but the white plastic piece is keeping it in.

    31. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Remove the plastic piece as shown, and pull the spring out.

    32. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Flip the PSP over.

    33. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      The WiFi's plate is sticky, peel it up and slide it out.

    34. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      The right hinge of the UMD door needs to be disconnected. At this point you should be able to flex the PSP's shell just a bit in order to work that joint out, but be careful, and this can be pretty annoying. Once the first hinge is out, you should be able to pull the second one out easier.

    35. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      As for the metal bar keeping the UMD door, if you slide the connector all the way down (as if the UMD was closed) they can pop out of the hole there. Do this on both sides to remove the door.

    36. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      It should be simple to remove the metal bar, as it can bend and is just hooked into the plastic as shown. The PSP does come with two little foam cubes in the joints, however I have removed mine because I was just unable to get them back in...

    37. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Set the UMD door and metal frame aside.

    38. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Unscrew the four screws holding the UMD drive in.

    39. Warning: Spoilers inside!
      Pull the UMD drive out.
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    Good to see that a detailed guide has been made! Comes handy if I happened to need to open the console some day [​IMG]

    Thanks Rydian!

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    I literally searched for PSP 2000 disassembly guides on Youtube 40 minutes ago. Now this comes up. Timing couldn't be more perfect, thanks Rydian. Top-class as always!

    I'll use this in a few weeks to clean some dust and things from under my screen.
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    D'aww, thanks.

    I made this because of the lack of proper guides, the only ones I found had videos/images where you couldn't tell what was what.
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    Just used this to clean my PSP screen. All the dust under it has been bothering me since it's purchase, and with this guide I finally found the courage and information to take it apart [​IMG] Took me a good half hour to do it all, the screws were quite tight, but glad it's finally done! And my PSP still works, so I'm happy.

    Also, someone sticky this, seeing we don't have any other stickies in the Hardware section.
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    Thanks! Finally found a good disassembly guide with nice clean big pictures.
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    Alright since imageshack went to a pay-with-trial model it seems like a lot of image things have been breaking. Thankfully I had backups of the images for this guide, 6SoulTriox PMed me about this and I reuploaded them and fixed the guide.
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    Thanks for this great tutorial! Looking to replace my old white psp slim housing with a clear one from deal extreme once it arrives from HK so will be relying in this tutorial to help me :)
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    Cool Guide! I guess you follow it backwards to reassemble right? Do you have to completely disassemble the PSP to change the shell though or is there an easier way with less steps to it?

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    I lost the conductive pad of the joystick, well actually when I pulled it out it didn't even had it, what can I do? It is a PSP 2010, I saw some videos on YouTube and when they pull the joystick they also don't have the conductive pad.
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