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    Hi all, I have always admired the work this community does and it's something g I have always wanted but not bothered trying until now. I am quiet tech minded and have a host of consoles etc. however I am a sucker for retro /old school gaming, hence wanting a portable emulator machine, I run OpenEmu on my Mac so know about Roms etc
    I have a vita and Am aware of the exploit game needed. But while I wait for that I have a PSP Go that does not get used, currently running 6.60, I am able to install Pro CFW.
    This is where I would appreciate some help or step in the right direction.

    I want to be able to run
    Master system

    If possible a arcade style Emulator too, (I seen a cap com one about on YouTube that looks good).

    What folder set up do I need in the root menu for these so I am not placing them in the wrong place, IE emulator one with games, and how difficult is it for the PS1 games???
    Thank you in advance and looking forward to getting better with my new passion of retro games and getting involved in the community on here.
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    You just want emulators for PSP right?
    Capcom Play System 1 and 2 (And Neo Geo) Different Emulators for each system for this
    SEGA Master System/SEGA Game Gear/GameBoy Color/GameBoy- Last Update-2010
    SNES s9xTYLmecm revision 091124 Last update-2009

    PS1 is native to PSP. Use Popsloader v3 to switch between POPS, which are each Firmware version's PS1 support.PS1 ISOs or Cue/bins must be convert to PSP format to play.

    For homebrew and PS1 games put the game's folder at PSP/GaME
    Homebrew/Emulator File path
    Example: PSP/GAME/Emulator_Name_Folder Put your games in anything that looks a destination folder for roms like ROM
    PS1 File path
    Example: PSP/GAME/SLUS00664 In the PS1 game's folder, there should be an EBOOT, which is the game itself. Use the correct serial number that corresponds with the region of the game you're running for the folder's name Index of most of Sony's game serial numbers. It's outdated but PS1 and PS2 sections are complete. The example I used is the serial code for the U.S. version of Xenogears
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