PSP Street E1000 extended battery permanent mod

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    Feb 13, 2015
    First of all, remove the back cover (open the UMD drive for its last time, bend inwards the metal bracket so it pops off the main shell from both sides, rip off the cover starting from the right)

    Unscrew the battery cover, remove the battery and keep it

    Continue disassembling the console by removing the 4 screws on the back + the two around the miniUSB socket, the front cover (beware of flat cable for below-screen buttons), display and its plastic window, both sets of "main" buttons, 2x UMD drive cables, single screw holding the motherboard, analog stick, charger socket cable...
    The goal is to get the motherboard out and the left button group's cable taped to where the motherboard was, this video might help:

    Now the fun starts: I removed a lot of plastic to make space for the new battery (from my bricked, barely a year old, Lumia 640 XL - rip)
    IMG_20170606_200451. IMG_20170606_200458. IMG_20170606_200505. IMG_20170606_200517.
    I've actually overdone it a bit, and removed the hole for the screw that holds the motherboard, but it's not really required anyway...

    Now remove the sticker from the original battery, and remove the regulator from the cell!
    IMG_20170606_200603. IMG_20170606_201054.
    Yes, you will need to bend the plastic and pull it outwards
    Be extremely careful to not short the tabs to the case while cutting
    "Unwrapping" the battery along its height is not required, I was just trying to figure it out

    Break off the internal plastic frame, desolder the 3 battery wires, and extend them (about 7 cm total)
    IMG_20170606_201216. IMG_20170606_201333.

    Reconnect the wires to the regulator (without any plastic along the way), plus 2 wires of appropriate length for your battery

    Remove all metal parts from the back cover, and most of the plastic details too (but keep the latches and hinges!)
    IMG_20170608_203053. IMG_20170608_203424. IMG_20170608_203432.
    Compared to these WIP photos, I removed the remaining corner of the UMD "circle" too.

    Preview of battery fitting.

    Reassemble your console...
    IMG_20170609_010304. IMG_20170609_011727.
    Break off the UMD microswitch from the motherboard by flipping it the wrong way, it may be scary but look back at what you've done until now...! :D
    (Else you will have significant lag in the XMB as it tries to reread the "very scratched" disc that's "currently inserted", I didn't even manage it to get booted...)

    Connect the battery cable to the console, and experiment a little to fit all the parts...

    Connect wires to the battery, assemble with tape (beware, affordable thickness is very little if you want the cover to still close comfortably)
    IMG_20170609_014504. IMG_20170609_014515.

    Reinstall cover and ENJOY the first Sony-Microsoft hardware collaboration!
    IMG_20170609_015027. IMG_20170609_015452.
    (My inner paranoid recommends having the console physically near you for the complete duration of the first charge...!)

    (What's up with the "100% RF" sticker I didn't put on it? Seeing how it's a Street it has 0% radio frequency... :P)
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    great work:)!
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    Watch out for exploding Lithium Ion batteries! I don't recommend this mod.
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    Looks good. I bought another battery just to extend the battery life . XD
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    As long you don't short out the battery it'll be fine

    Lithium charging is regulated by voltage, so the protection board will be fine with the bigger capacity cell. Only problem i see here is that he didn't strip the protection circuit from the microsoft battery itself but i guess that won't be that much of a problem
  6. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    Finally got around to do a test with that Nyan Cat homebrew - over 9 hours at 222 MHz, 2/3 volume, and maximum brightness (69 according to the brightness.prx I use)
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    Just wanna say I did the mod today according to your instructions (more or less :D).

    Thanks for taking the time to snap a few pics, since i sure as hell forgot :')

    I also used a 640XL(3rd party, new) battery, seems to be working fine so far, and in the future, when this one dies (if the PSP still lives), I can use any other lithium cell that will fit in the cavity.

    A new lease on this PSP's life!
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    Oh my, a picture tutorial!