Recover lost parental control pin #

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    This requires a wiimote to work so find one. Download this!9B0WzIaD!LMxGYYnvOqZJgMZZWCpGlUGVSf1rBykao1C5MYtf1RM and extract it to your SD root. Next you will need to load up the homebrew launcher using the browser exploit or haxchi then open wuphax Press A to back up your current mii channel and inject it with wuphax.
    After the wiiu restarted, go into wii mode and run mii channel, and InspectMii will run from there. There you go it should show the parental pin on the third page.
    To restore the mii channel just run the wuphax again from the homebrew launcher and press B this time.
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    It's funny how the obvious combination of objective facts anyone can readily verify (Vwii being set to the same pin as WiiU mode, existance of Wii homebrews that spit out the code) may not be thought of for years :D
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    This is interesting but my guess is that most people will just disable parental controls using SALT's code generator.
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    I was just gonna post that lmao
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