(Tutorial) Editing *hax 2.5 Payload Files.

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    Jul 8, 2015
    Hello Tempers! In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to edit the text in *hax 2.5 payload files to whatever you want! (If it fits, that is!) Here's an immature example of what you could end up with:
    hax 6.9.PNG
    Step 1: Locate your *hax payload.bin file!
    For Ninjhax/OoT3Dhax/Ironhax, your payload.bin file will be located on your savefile, which can be extracted and re-injected afterwards using SVDT. Menuhax users can find their payload.bin on the root of their SD card with a name similar to "ropbinpayload_menuhax_REGXXXXX_xxx3ds.bin"
    (I'd also recommend you make a copy of your original payload file just incase your edited version refuses to boot)
    Step 2: Open your payload.bin file in Notepad++
    The first 3 lines that you will want to edit (like I've done, I'm not sure if editing the other text would break the payload file since I haven't tested it yet) will be in both lines 71 and 237 (in the Menuhax payload, I haven't checked the others). The lines will look a little something like this:
    Step 3: Edit the text to your liking
    You can edit the text to whatever you wish, but to be safe I'd recommend replacing words that are the same length as the words in the payload file as you might find the text displayed incorrectly sometimes. (e.g. replacing "debug" with "memes")
    Another thing is your edited payload file must be the exact same size as it was before it was edited, no more or no less! Or else you'll be presented with a yellow screen (mine is 65,536 bytes, you can check this by right clicking on the payload and selecting properties.)
    Step 4: Save it!
    Once you're happy with your edited file, save it of course! Ninj/OoT3D/Ironhax users will have to inject their edited payload back into their savefile afterwards.

    Don't forget to share your creations when you're done!
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    Time to make Memehax :^)
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    Can't you just do this with one line in Linux?
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    Jul 8, 2015
    No idea since I don't use Linux. :wacko:
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    I put as much as I could of the bee movie script on mine and it's wonderful.
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    An automated program would be cool!
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    Share it goddamnit.

    I need the bee.
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    Thanks. Nice job.
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    Is this for sound hax as well