Unbrick Wii U SSL Module

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    This is a handy tutorial for if you brick when following my SSL MITM guide.
    Please be careful with using the modified WUP Installer you must make for this guide. It has no validation checks.

    So, you installed your own custom cert, you've gone back to the Wii U Menu and BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    Well, there is a way to fix it if you have a way to get to HBL. (This means CBHC people you are safe).

    1. Download the title 0005001b10054000 from CDN; use NUSGrabber or JNUSTool it's up to you.
    2. Go to dimok789's wupinstaller, and change L297 of src/main.c to
      InstallTitle("/vol/app_sd/install", 1);
      instead of
      InstallTitle("/vol/app_sd/install", 0);
      and remake. (Alternatively, use the attached ELF)
    3. Copy the *.app, *.h3 and *.tik (the SSL module) to SD:/install/ and run WUPInstaller to sys memory.
    If you have done it right, you should now have a squeaky clean SSL module.
    If you haven't, RIP.

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